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Cat and Mouse Lessons of Genetics, part 2

In the last post, we saw how mice that were fed nutritionally balanced supplementation were able to produce offspring that were healthier.  It completely changed the genetic picture for the mice.

In the 1940’s Dr. Pottenger noticed that his cat’s health deteriorated when he fed them cooked meat scraps. By the 3 generation fed this way the cats had spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, infertility, poor fur, loss of proper nerve function (poor balance), … Just like much of our current society? After returning them to raw foods, it took 4 generations to correct what was created in 3 generations. Basically, he predicted the current plight we are in, and demonstrated how hard it is to reverse. Choose to make a difference today!

In the case of the mice that were fed nutrients, the cause of their previously mentioned clinical problems is a liver pathway called methylation. There are 3 common causes of problems here: First is from toxic metals like mercury, lead, or arsenic. Second is stress. The stress hormone cortisol inhibits this pathway. Third is a deficiency of vitamins like B12. What may happen if B12 is low?  What dietary sources provide B12? What are the benefits of consuming B12?


Mousing Around with Genetics, part 1

Mousing Around with GeneticsThis breed of mouse is characterized by high cancer risk, diabetes, obesity, and short life span (like many American’s?). Cooney et al. (2002) J Nutr. 132:2393S fed them zinc, methionine, choline, folate, and B12 to support methylation in the liver which effects many “genetic” changes. What do you think happened?

Offspring of nutritionally optimized mouse

Here is the child of the obese, diabetic, cancer prone, short life mouse. The difference was the previously mentioned nutrients that completely changed the mouses genetic picture. Healthier fur, improved life span, no diabetes… Change your diet, change your genes. Dr. Pottenger demonstrated similarly profound results with cats in the 1940’s. His research basically predicted the diseases that currently plague today’s youth.

Replace Electrolytes, Naturally

[Archives May 2011] Celtic Sea salt is a great mineral rich, flavor enhancer, preservative that I use as an electrolyte replacement. I put in every bottle of water I ride with, with one of several other adjuncts. If I am in a place where my sole water source is volumes of bottled spring water, I find that I will need to add back in some minerals from Celtic Sea salt, which is sometimes also available at our local health food stores.

Celtic Sea Salt contains natural minerals unlike table salt where the natural minerals are stripped out.  Often, a craving for salt can really mean a craving for the electrolytes that naturally are in salt. The minerals in Celtic Sea Salt are an exact replacement for sweat and work wonderfully to replenish the lost electrolytes.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

[Archives May 2011] It’s hot out! Are you drinking enough water? Remember the basic recommendation is 1/2 your body weight in ounces. So, at 150 pounds one would need to consume 75 ounces. This is base line. With exercise or this dry heat the volume goes up. During these summer like months I usually try to increase the volume by an additional 50%. If you have not yet gotten a good filter system we can help. Other wise spring water, possibly with a pinch of Celtic salt, is the way to go.

Allergy Triggers

[Archives May 2011] If the winds and abrupt weather changes are causing you challenges like allergies or sinus congestion, try limiting dairy consumption. Dairy is the most common trigger I see with “environmental” allergies. We also stock some very effective natural antihistamines that actually treat the cause as opposed to dehydrating and suppressing the immune system like most anti-histamines. 

Conversely, If you primarily experience symptoms like sinus pressure with only barometric changes, like when our weather rapidly shifts from warm to cold and vice verse, you may want to consider helping the thyroid. Remember some of our former suggestions? B1, iodine, tyrosine, limiting wheat?

You Say Tomato

[Archives April 2011] Tomatoes can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol and memory (recall) challenges by lowering acetylcholine.  The lectins can also cause insulin swings leading to high blood sugar for many people. Sorry to those of us that do, or “use to” enjoy Italian and Mexican foods.

I can test you for tomatoes to see if your body responds well or by leading to one of the above.

Learn more:

Balance Your Iron

[Archives April 2011] How is your iron level? Some simple preliminary ways to check are the color of your nail beds and the color of the “life” lines in your palms. Your nail beds should have a slight pink cast to them as well as the lines in your palms should have a red-pink color to them. If the lines are white or your nails beds lack color, you may need iron.  

There are several food sources of iron, including leafy greens, some meat and fish, and beans. My favorite sources are beef (for blood type O’s and B’s) and spinach. These will vary based on your individual needs and requirements. If one consumes the wrong source of iron, then constipation may develop and with significant iron excess (hemochromatosis) there is major stress placed on the spleen, liver, and heart.

21 Day Cleanse

[Archives April 2011] I began a 21 day cleanse, from Standard Process (SP) and realized that I had a big ride and travel in the middle. Turned out it worked out great for both. I felt great and rode strong, then saved a bunch of money on food during travel. And as I mentioned I lost 2.5% body fat. It was very convenient and easy to do. The first thing I noticed while doing the cleanse was how much more fresh and vibrant I felt eating more live, God made food. The other part Kim really liked was that she did not have to cook my big ‘ol dinners. I also noticed how poorly grains affected me. I could see them in the waist almost immediately. During a cleanse like this it is a chance to find out more clearly how foods affect you.  

As an added bonus, consuming primarily detox/protein shakes made travel much easier and cheaper. 

I really feel like it provided the opportunity to get even more in touch with how various foods affect me. I really came to realize that the better I feel, the better I want to feel. It is an addictive game for me.

Healthy Eating Travel Tips

[Archives April 2011] More Dr. V travel tips: Many hotels will offer a complimentary fridge if you have “food allergies.”

Try this on your next trip: Premix a large bag with rolled or steal cut oats, raw walnut baking pieces and protein powder. Xylitol would be an optional sweetener. Then use the hotel room coffee pot to heat the water you will add to your health preserving travel breakfast. As a big eater I often thoroughly clean and use the ice bucket as my bowl.

Immune Travel Tips

[Archives April 2011] If you are traveling and have been evaluated to determine what immune product works best, take that when you travel. Some examples are Congaplex, echinacea, BioImmunozyme, or one of many others. For “jet lag” I find NET Remedies Day or Night Vitals help as does Nutri West Pineal Lyph. The pineal glad controls circadian rhythms and is comprised by sugar consumption. So don’t indulge in sugar when traveling as it inhibits both the immune system and the pineal gland.