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Benefits of Vitamin C

The famous source of C

The famous source of C

When I posted the question, “What are the benefits of vitamin C?” The response was surprisingly limited. I thought since this was one of the first popularized vitamins that their would at least be an outpouring from the Dr.’s that follow these posts?

Vitamin C with it’s main active component of ascorbic acid is great for the immune system in many ways. It helps fight infections, it is an antioxidant (prevents aging), as well as a metabolizer of histamine. It has both antiviral and antibacterial properties to feed your bodies fight against these infections. As a key antioxidant it slows the ravaging effects of aging, minimizes the negative effects of chlorine, and helps our body deal with the polluted world we live in. Metabolizing histamine means that it is a natural antihistamine 🙂 Therefore, may be helpful against allergies.

The lungs are very dependent on Vit C to neutralize the toxins they come in contact with.

Vitamin C also has the properties of a natural chelator. It is often used in treating mercury poisoning or copper over load. Therefore, before and after dental work may be a good time to load up on your vitamin C.

Overdosing on vit C can cause a copper deficiency which can lead to an exaggerated response to stress since copper plays a role in cortisol (the stress hormone) function.

Therapeutically, C can be very effective. For short term, acute need, one could “ramp up” to 3-4,000 mg or until bowel movements get soft. Then back down slightly until symptoms dissipate. For longer, more preventative oriented uses, one would do better to use a lower dosed source that is balanced with the synergistic antioxidants of vitamin A and NAC.  May this information assist your ability to endure the pending cold and flu season.

Reduce the Negative Effects of an Injury

If you or more commonly, your child get injured there is a simple technique to reduce the negative effects of that injury. I commonly use this when my children get hurt. Even if the effects were  placebo, it beautifully distracts them. There is a lot of complex neurological benefits behind this, but the therapy is super simple. The treatment is simply done by rubbing, pushing, or contracting the injured or bruised area. This is immediately followed by a gentle flex (tuck) of the chin. This simple technique gently causes the nerves to allow the damaged muscle or skin to relax and go back to normal length. It works over old scars as well.

Burn More Fat

September’s Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise states that:

~Men burned an average of 190 more calories during the 14.2 hours following exercise, compared to non-exercise days.

~They burned an average of 519 calories during the biking. Hence, they used about 709 more calories on workout days than rest days.

Dr. V adds, at this rate one would burn about a pound of fat after less than 4 workouts. Based on the statistics, I suspect the exercise rate they were training at was above the target heart zone as previously described. This would cause a higher post exercise calorie consumption, whereas training in the target heart zone trains the body to burn fat. Interestingly, training in the zone actually burns more calories during the activity, but less post activity. This is in part, is why it is good to blend both levels of training after one has established the aerobic base via zone training for at least 3 months.

The BEST Supplement for Injuries

After sustaining a minor shoulder acromio-clavicular (AC) separation last week, I had the opportunity to personally experience the tremendous benefit of digestive enzymes. I landed on my shoulder from about 8

Not me, but a good crash

feet in the air after “coming up short” on a mountain bike jump. Fortunately, I had taken Multizyme before the ride. Studies have shown that if proteolytic enzymes are taken before an injury and hourly thereafter, healing time is reduced by more than half. So “plan your injuries?” Actually, this works great if you are going to be having any sort of surgery or medical procedure. Take 1-2 at three separate, non-meal times before the procedure. Then take them hourly as soon as possible following the procedure. So why had I taken them before the ride? Proteolytic enzymes also assist in recovery from intense physical exercise.

I began taking Multizyme from Standard Process immediately following the injury, and switched to Total Enzymes by Nutri~West a few days later. These products are available through licensed health care providers. With this protocol, I had no need for pain medications and was out of the sling in 3 days. It has been just over a week and my shoulder is functioning at about 75%, meaning nearly full range of motion and just a little weakness left.

My wife had an even more profound experience when she ruptured her achilles last year. We started her immediately on Total Enzymes at 1/waking hour after the injury and surgery. She was at that dosage for about 3-4 weeks. On this protocol, not only did she return to volleyball in less then 3 months, and did not need any pain medications… She lost 15 pounds and 3 % body fat while doing nothing more then laying on the couch recovering!