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The Connection Between Memory and Blood Pressure

Another perfect example of the fine balance of health. When the brain chemical acetylcholine is low one might have memory and recall problems. It also causes low nitric oxide and thus high blood pressure. When acetylcholine (Ach) is high, one might experience anxiety and panic attacks. Ah, the fine walk of homeostasis (balance). The good news is there are very effective natural therapies for both.


Exercise the Brain

In 1999 a California scientist made an amazing discovery: Rats that ran on a treadmill for 12 days in a row doubled their number of brain cells. This was considered such an astounding finding at the time that the Salk Institute researchers who made the discovery all took up running.

We now know that, like rats, humans have the ability to reproduce brain cells through aerobic activity. (The process is called neurogenesis.)   From Dr. Melillo, Disconnected Kids