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The amount of protein one should consume is somewhat determined by the amount of rigorous exercise. The following chart gives the amount of protein per pound of body weight one should consume:

TRAINING VOLUME (hours per week)     PROTEIN 9grams/day)

<5 hours/week                                                    0.6-0.7 G/day

5-10 hours/week                                               0.7-0.8 G/day

10-15 hours/week                                            0.8-0.9 G/day

15-20 hours/week                                            0.9-1 G/day

>20 hours/week                                               1 G/day

For example a 150 pound person who works out 6 hours per week would want to consume 150 X 0.7=105 grams of protein per day.

Some example of protein content are:

Protein shakes vary from 15 G/serving for detox oriented shakes to 24 G/ serving for straight rice protein.

Cod (3.4 oz) 22 G

Halibut (2.5 oz) 19 G

Chicken (2 oz) 18 G

Turkey breast (2 oz) 17 G

Tuna (1.9 oz) 16 G

Steak (1.75 oz) 14 G

Whole egg (1.25 oz) 7.7 G

So our 150 pound 6 hour per week athlete should eat 2 eggs, 3.8 oz tuna, a protein shake and 4 oz of turkey breast to obtain 104.5 grams of protein in a heavy training day. There would also be small amounts of protein in some of the veggies, etc. consumed during this fictitious day… Right?

This is partially adopted from Loren Cordain and Joe Friel’s The Paleo Diet For Athletes.