Hip Pain, Heart, Hormone or Thyroid Issues? Frontal, Tension or Temple Headaches?

Some of the signs and symptoms that one might need B1 could include:

  • Headache on both sides (temples) (hormonal headaches).
  • Headache in the front or on left side (stomach headache).
  • Headache in the back of the head (thyroid or tension headache).
  • Sluggish metabolism.
  • I Have seen many mitral valve prolapse conditions significantly reduce with a good thiamine.
  • I have also seen many atrial fibulation conditions respond well to thiamine.
  • Low back pain in the center of the beltline can be a sign of thiamine deficiency.
  • Low thyroid function can be a symptom of thiamine deficiency.
  • Thiamine helps breakdown estrogens. Therefore, when low can cause estrogen dominance.
  • Pain/weakness in the gluteus medius muscle.

The heart, thyroid, digestion, liver and hormones are all effected when there is a thiamine deficiency. If you have symptoms in any or especially if you have symptoms in several of these areas, you may do well to try Cataplex B. I typically find that 2-3 per morning of this fine supplement works wonders. Here is a link to have this fine product which is historically only available in a doctor’s office, sent directly to your door. https://drv.standardprocess.com/products/cataplex-b


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