Dr. Scott “Dr. V” Vrzal is an avid cyclist and stays active in family, fitness and church, which helps him keep focused on each one of his patients. Dr. V found inspiration in his own health journey to find freedom from debilitating headaches. Now he combines chiropractic, nutrition and current health knowledge to create a unique holistic healing practice that treats the individual in modern, non-invasive techniques on four levels: bio-mechanical, nutritional, environmental, and mental/emotional stress. Dr. V and his team care about creating vibrant, healthy, and productive lives, and he promises he will give 110% of his abilities to help you transform your health in awonderfully profound way. Dr. V is married and has three daughters. All are healthy and happy and together are living a devoted life.

Please note that each post or “pearl” you read here is in a context of Applied Kinesiology which gives the practitioner like Dr. V. the ability to understand your unique situation. What applies to one person, may not apply to another.  Consult with a health practitioner before modifying your own health protocol.

For Southern Californian’s, you may see Dr. V. in person at his office.  Learn more at www.drvrzal.com.

To schedule an appointment call 949 582-9090

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