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How the immune system is compromised and how to make and keep it strong


Regrettably the left hand picture were my fingers after a few very long bike rides which created an EFA (essential fatty acid)  deficiency for me. This is evidenced by the dry, peeling skin on the ends. The good news is that this is very temporary when understood. When my fingers look like this, I take and extra 1-2 fish oil capsules and they skin is better within hours.

The white spots in the right hand picture demonstrate a zinc deficiency. This sometimes magnified by a need for HCl (stomach acid). Zinc is necessary to make stomach acid, it helps the hormone system, and it helps the immune system. Notice the poor circulation and immune problem of the last 2 fingers. Sugar consumption and stress depress zinc levels.

Cracking or brittle nails are often a need for calcium and HCL which will help one metabolize the calcium.

Perpendicular ridges across the nail are periods of protein deficiency. A sign that you need more protein in the diet. Don’t let this continue or you will end up quite ill.

Loss of the half moons at the nails beds are an indicator that there may be some hypothyroid issues. This needs to be correlated with symptoms and appropriate testing.

Anemia is another issue that may show up as spoon shaped nails or possibly as deeper longitudinal lines. Correlate with signs like a lack of redness in the “life lines” of the palm, slow color recovery after squeezing the finger and lab tests.

finger's EFA

Need for EFA’s

white spots in nails

White spots, need for zinc and maybe HCl


How lean are you?For the first few years that I included body fat testing in my routine exams, the protocol was to retest in three months in hope of seeing a 1% change. Then as I became more adept at the lectin reaction of foods, popularized by The Blood Type Diet’s Dr. Peter DiAdamo, results were staggering. Lectin’s are cell triggers that effect the way the cell works.

The primary body functions I see effected by these lectins are insulin and immune function.  For example, chicken is ok for most of you (A and O blood types) but causes major insulin dumping for some of us (B and AB blood types). What this means to me is complete mental lethargy and weight gain if I were to eat chicken. Wheat is an even more universal example. For O blood types, wheat may turn to fat within 2 hours of consumption.  Wheat is basically a weight gainer and “brain fogger” for all blood types, though to a slightly less degree for A’s.

Knowing the key trigger foods will be hugely beneficial in your overall health and weight loss aspirations.


Did you know that in order for a virus to replicate (reproduce),  it needs to get through the fatty cell wall? If the cell wall is healthy and intact, it is virtually impenetrable to viruses. One of the best ways to enhance and maintain the integrity of the cell wall is to consume appropriate amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. Most commonly consumed as fish or flax-seed oil capsules.

The American diet, by and large is very deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, yet higher in omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6’s (nuts and seeds) are also good for us and anti-inflammatory in nature, but the omega 3’s tend to get processed out of foods because of their short shelf life. This short shelf life is also why I typically recommend they be consumed in capsule form, though tasting them is also highly beneficial to the digestion/absorption process. A common dosage would range from 2-6 capsules per day. Look for dry finger tips if your levels are getting very low. I find that adding 1-2 capsules in the morning, the dryness on my fingers will often resolve by lunch time. Enjoy some fish tonight!

a virus penetrating the cell

Purification/Weight Loss Idea’s

I use the Standard Process Purification Program occasionally. The first time I used it I found that I raced quite well, so I now eat basically this way for the two weeks before my bigger races of the year.

Some protein shake ideas are:

I add an additional 1-2 scoops of rice protein (27 grams of protein) to most of my shakes during the cleanse. Other protein sources I may add with the detox powder’s are Goat protein powder from Myenburg or Whey Pro Complete (for B or AB blood types). A’s may consider an organic/nonGMO source of soy protein.

To all of my shakes I will add a source of EFA’s. Usually it is one of the many fine omega 3 products we stock at the office with olive oil also rotated in to assist in balancing the omega 3:6:9 ratio’s. I typically add about 2 tablespoons. I will also use raw walnuts or almonds in a few of the shakes. 1/day I will 2 tbls of the “super food” chia seed to add some fiber and more EFA’s.

Further valuable addition’s to many of the shakes I blend are beet leaves and kale. It gives thee shakes a food like feel and helps to keep me satisfied longer. Most of the shakes I blend will include organic frozen “highly beneficial” berries or fruit. Most common are pineapple and/or blueberries.

During the cleanse period meal times I enjoy big, glorious salads. Usually, these will contain baby spring lettuce, beets, carrots, celery, beet leaves, mushrooms, ++++. For dressing I prefer to squeeze lemon, dab some olive oil and a pinch of Celtic sea salt. emmm. Occasionally, I will use a vinegar free dressing to “spice” thinks up a bit.

I have lost as much as 2% body fat in 2 weeks on this program and felt great all the way through, though I did have some minor hunger pangs occasionally. The Gastro Fiber really helps to minimize them though.

As you begin to reintroduce foods in weeks 3-4, pay close attention to how you feel upon the reintroduction. Bloated, fat, sluggish? I really learn a lot about which foods I need to minimize for optimal life performance during this time.


Need Rest?

The divine design of the brain is to secrete the stimulating, “get up and go” hormone cortisol with the blue green hues of the  morning sunrise. Therefore, when the sun comes up,  so does the motivation… Ideally.

Then with the red-orange hues of sundown the brain begins to secrete melatonin so that we can sleep and recover from the days activities.  So when digestion is dysfunctional, then one may be low in melatonin. However, we now have electricity which allows us to be “functional” long after sundown, thus cheating our bodies of much needed rest and recovery.

Pearl # 1: 50% of the body’s melatonin is produced by the large intestine. Since most people I see have dysfunctional large intestine’s, the ability of many to produce melatonin is compromised.

Pearl # 2: Seratonin is converted to melatonin with the help of calcium and B12. When seratonin does not convert properly, one might be depressed, anxious and unrested 😦 Calcium and or B12 may be helpful in this situation.

Benefits of Vitamin C

The famous source of C

The famous source of C

When I posted the question, “What are the benefits of vitamin C?” The response was surprisingly limited. I thought since this was one of the first popularized vitamins that their would at least be an outpouring from the Dr.’s that follow these posts?

Vitamin C with it’s main active component of ascorbic acid is great for the immune system in many ways. It helps fight infections, it is an antioxidant (prevents aging), as well as a metabolizer of histamine. It has both antiviral and antibacterial properties to feed your bodies fight against these infections. As a key antioxidant it slows the ravaging effects of aging, minimizes the negative effects of chlorine, and helps our body deal with the polluted world we live in. Metabolizing histamine means that it is a natural antihistamine 🙂 Therefore, may be helpful against allergies.

The lungs are very dependent on Vit C to neutralize the toxins they come in contact with.

Vitamin C also has the properties of a natural chelator. It is often used in treating mercury poisoning or copper over load. Therefore, before and after dental work may be a good time to load up on your vitamin C.

Overdosing on vit C can cause a copper deficiency which can lead to an exaggerated response to stress since copper plays a role in cortisol (the stress hormone) function.

Therapeutically, C can be very effective. For short term, acute need, one could “ramp up” to 3-4,000 mg or until bowel movements get soft. Then back down slightly until symptoms dissipate. For longer, more preventative oriented uses, one would do better to use a lower dosed source that is balanced with the synergistic antioxidants of vitamin A and NAC.  May this information assist your ability to endure the pending cold and flu season.

Effects of Stress on the Body

The reality is that literally every organ and gland of the body has specific emotions that they may store. This therefore can then lead to virtually any health issue you can imagine. Emotional “stress” in a general sense refers to negative effects on the adrenal glands. Thus leading to hypoglycemia, plantar fascitis, shin splints, low back pains, weak immune function, jaw pains, knee pain, or ankle weakness. But remember, literally every organ is at risk. So what can we do about it?

Patients benefit from this technique called Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), which looks at the impact of and negative effects of stressed stored in the body, often unknowingly.  Recently, (NET) has been proven to be the most effective treatment for chronic low back pain. The ONE research foundation which I gladly help support is publishing a game changing paper that unequivocally documents the profound healing in NET

For example…The ONE research foundation while documenting the relief of chronic low back pain documented lab changes in the inflammatory markers of TNF alpha, IL-6, IL-1, CRP and IL-10. There were multiple phychosocial tests performed that demonstrated a 35% reduction in anxiety and depression. All this jargon to simply confirm that Neuro Emotional Technique is now the best documented remedy for not only pain and inflammation, but also stress management. And the beauty is that this profound technique is done with out drugs, surgery or even dietary changes in a relatively short, highly effective office visit. Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, I received this from a patient:

“Dr. V noticed a pattern in my wellness, and he used his NET techniques to find an emotional pattern in my mind/body that was keeping me stuck in some areas in life, including physical healing. His treatment focused on eliminating the emotional pattern, and then shifting me into a new emotional paradigm.

I took a huge step on my overall health journey, and found an area of imbalance that makes sense of all the health challenges I’ve had.  I am very grateful for the care of Dr. V. His emotional technique helped me to progress forward in aspects of my life and my health.”

Balance Your Iron

[Archives April 2011] How is your iron level? Some simple preliminary ways to check are the color of your nail beds and the color of the “life” lines in your palms. Your nail beds should have a slight pink cast to them as well as the lines in your palms should have a red-pink color to them. If the lines are white or your nails beds lack color, you may need iron.  

There are several food sources of iron, including leafy greens, some meat and fish, and beans. My favorite sources are beef (for blood type O’s and B’s) and spinach. These will vary based on your individual needs and requirements. If one consumes the wrong source of iron, then constipation may develop and with significant iron excess (hemochromatosis) there is major stress placed on the spleen, liver, and heart.

Healthy Eating Travel Tips

[Archives April 2011] More Dr. V travel tips: Many hotels will offer a complimentary fridge if you have “food allergies.”

Try this on your next trip: Premix a large bag with rolled or steal cut oats, raw walnut baking pieces and protein powder. Xylitol would be an optional sweetener. Then use the hotel room coffee pot to heat the water you will add to your health preserving travel breakfast. As a big eater I often thoroughly clean and use the ice bucket as my bowl.

Immune Travel Tips

[Archives April 2011] If you are traveling and have been evaluated to determine what immune product works best, take that when you travel. Some examples are Congaplex, echinacea, BioImmunozyme, or one of many others. For “jet lag” I find NET Remedies Day or Night Vitals help as does Nutri West Pineal Lyph. The pineal glad controls circadian rhythms and is comprised by sugar consumption. So don’t indulge in sugar when traveling as it inhibits both the immune system and the pineal gland.