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This is a compilation of posts I put on in Oct-Nov 2014.


There is a very common food-like substance that can cause both knee’s to hurt near the kneecap. The food-like substance that causes both right and left quadriceps muscles to “turn off” is _____?

Aspartame is classified as an excitotoxin. What that means is that it excites nerve cells to the point of death. Your brain is the main place these nerve cells die, but in the case of aspartame it can cause peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage in the legs and arms). In higher doses it can cause Multiple Sclerosis-like symptoms (Pseudo MS). One of the most common places I see this show up is in a weakening of the thigh muscles on both legs. It is so consistent that if both knees hurt at or near the knee caps I’d consider it a guarantee that there are artificial sweeteners (aspartame) in the diet somewhere. If this is something you struggle with, prove it to yourself. Stop all gum, breath mints, and diet anything to then enjoy improved memory and likely no knee pain. If the pain is on the back of the knee, the cause is likely caused by ________?–where-to-find-these–brain-killers–/

As described yesterday, the quads on both legs get weak with aspartame consumption. If you have historically consumed artificial sweeteners (aspartame) then you may want to consider taking a B6 supplement like B6 Niacinamide from Standard Process Inc. B6 is used up in metabolizing Aspartame and this is likely where a lot of the nerve problems come from, including memory loss and depression. B6 is water soluble, thus posses very little risk of toxicity. If the pain/weakness is just one side and especially if it is in the VMO area you may do better to consider and good digestive enzyme product. FYI Bicycling is the best exercise for the VMO.


This pesky little muscle behind the knee, called the popliteus muscle gets weak and spastic when the gallbladder (GB) is congested. The GB receives toxins from the liver and delivers them to the small intestine to help digest fats with bile. Toxins and/or wheat can congest the bile causing pain and weakness behind the knee as well as dry skin on the heals and possibly right sided headaches. Beets help thin the bile and are very good for the GB. The GB even has emotional paradigms like anger, frustration or resentment that can be stored and congest its optimal function.


Many of you may have had surgery for a medial meniscus tear or have worn a brace for a period time for pain on the inside of the
knee. There are three muscles that attach there and support the area when they are firing properly. Unfortunately two of these muscles (sartorius and gracilis) dysfunction under adrenal stress. Therefore when we are under the stress of intense physical activity, under rested or emotionally stressed the inside of the knee becomes vulnerable to injury. Methods of reducing the knee strain potential (stress management) are _______?

~Get appropriate sleep

~Don’t skip meals. Eat frequent, small meals.

~Balance intense physical training with cardiovascular based low intensity training.

~Minimize sugar/simple carbohydrate consumption.

One other muscle that can cause inner knee pain is a weakness of the adductor (groin) muscle. This muscle gets compromised when the uterus or prostate (not in the same person lol) are not optimally functioning. This is yet another pair of glands that take a hit when blood sugar is not as it should be. Ladies, if you are prone to PMS, etc. see how much better it is after not eating sugar for a month.


If the knee primarily hurts after you have been walking or on your feet, then there is a good chance that unstable blood sugar is causing your feet to not work properly. If you do not sleep through the night there are likely blood sugar concerns. Cut sugars and see how you feel and sleep. If you still have cravings then there are probably blood type “avoids” that are triggering them.

I posted on this aspect of knee pain a while back, but it is always a good review. The muscle on the outside of the leg, called the iliotibial band or tensor fascia lata muscle gets weak and tense/tender when the colon is unhappy. Trigger foods like many different grains, corn or dairy often trigger pains in the IT band, thus causing pain on the outside of the knee. If you are challenged in this area, pay attention to what you had eaten just before the pain exaggerated. There will emerge a pattern… Or you can contact your local, highly effective Kinesiologist to help you figure it out, haha

The knee, like every other area of the body is trying to tell you something when it hurts. Through the muscle-organ correlations as laid out in Applied Kinesiology by the late, great Dr. Goodheart one can learn a lot about their health when pains are appropriately evaluated for the true cause. Listen and learn what your body is trying to tell you.

Medical Emergency, or Minimal Risk?

Medical emergency or minimal risk?

Medical emergency or minimal risk?

Fortunately, lipoma’s like this rarely represent a medical emergency as long as it is relatively soft and movable. They do often tend to return after being surgically removed unfortunately. The most common nutritional cause is an iodine deficiency, especially if there are multiple lipoma’s. Another commonality I see with these is significant emotional triggers stored directly in the mass. With much N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) and possibly iodine supplementation  these can respond to care.

Is This Spot on My Skin Cause to Worry? How Can I Prevent Skin Cancer?

Darker, multicolored skin lesions, especially with borders that vary and look like they are consuming the skin near it should be evaluated. Another thing I look for is activity. Has it changed or does it flake?
There is a pathway in the liver collectively called the P450 enzymes. This pathway gets disrupted from sun (radiation) damage. It is fed (helped) by… You guessed it… vegetables and berries. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in berries and veggies facilitate the proper functioning of these enzymes, thus reducing the potential for skin or many other types of cancer. Supplementally, the best nutrients for these enzymes are S.O.D. (superoxide dismutase) which is called a free radical scavenger. As a free radical scavenger it is very effective in minimizing the “side effects” of treatments like chemo and radiation as well as damage from over exposure to sun. The sun is not as much an issue as our poor nutritional ability to deal with its effects. Take the opportunity to keep an eye on your spouses skin and Eat your organic fruits and veggies.fig14 fig28


veggies to loose belly fat

The Dr. V summary of this ground breaking paper is:

When one eats too many processed, low soluble fiber foods they create an intestinal environment that is conducive to storing belly (visceral) fat. When one consumes appropriate vegetable fiber it promotes a healthier intestinal environment that stimulates metabolism and virtually melts away belly fat. Clinically I have long understood that  fat storage in the lower abdominal area is a consequence of poor intestinal function. This paper confirms what we have known clinically for many years. The now confirmed conclusion is, if you want to loose belly fat eat fewer processed carbohydrates and more vegetables. Vegetables also help one feel satisfied longer from the food that is consumed, as opposed to the desire for further empty calories soon after the consumption of said empty calories. Eat vegetables to be lean and satisfied.


How lean are you?For the first few years that I included body fat testing in my routine exams, the protocol was to retest in three months in hope of seeing a 1% change. Then as I became more adept at the lectin reaction of foods, popularized by The Blood Type Diet’s Dr. Peter DiAdamo, results were staggering. Lectin’s are cell triggers that effect the way the cell works.

The primary body functions I see effected by these lectins are insulin and immune function.  For example, chicken is ok for most of you (A and O blood types) but causes major insulin dumping for some of us (B and AB blood types). What this means to me is complete mental lethargy and weight gain if I were to eat chicken. Wheat is an even more universal example. For O blood types, wheat may turn to fat within 2 hours of consumption.  Wheat is basically a weight gainer and “brain fogger” for all blood types, though to a slightly less degree for A’s.

Knowing the key trigger foods will be hugely beneficial in your overall health and weight loss aspirations.

The Antidote For Altitude Sickness

Up here in Mammoth with my cycling club and I just realized that I may not have brought enough altitude antidotes for my 21 ride partners :-(. When hiking Mt. Whitney, the people I hiked with would begin to get headaches and I would give them a great source of antioxidants from Standard Process called Cataplex ACP. It would eliminate their headache’s virtually immediately. Then on the way down, there was a gal shaking profusely on the side of the trail, suffering from altitude sickness. I gave her 4 to chew up. It was most incredible to see her immediately stand up and return to hiking. There are other good sources of antioxidants A and C, but the ACP product is the one I have seen work the best.

Are Bunion’s Preventable?

Bunion’s are the long term manifestation of flat feet. The arches in the feet begin to “flatten” or more truly, pronate due to the prolonged effects of stress. When the body’s stress response system, the adrenals, begin to lose the ability to adapt to the effects of chronic stress then a muscle called the posterior tibialis begins to lose it’s ability to support the arch. Paralleling this the ligaments begin to break down do to the chronic secretion of cortisol 😦  When this goes on for years, the stress of one stepping off their big toe diagonally instead of straight forward causes the big toe to begin to point out. Eventually, bony changes take place and the feet become disfigured. Appropriately manage stress (physical, chemical, or emotional) at its earliest onset and keep your straight toes. Orthotics (shoe inserts) may be beneficial when implemented appropriately. Adrenal vitamins like B5, C, Zn, Eleuthero, etc. etc., along with balanced meals will all likely be beneficial.

“A Future Without Dialysis”

Dr. Vrzal,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your council, insight and medical knowledge.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 renal disease 5 years ago… In February 2011, I was told that my kidneys were failing at an alarming rate and that my illness had progressed to Stage 5 renal failure. The kidney specialist predicted it would be necessary to start dialysis within weeks.  My illness had progressed to critical levels so the doctor recommended an arteriovenous fistula. With great despair, my family and I prepared ourselves for a future of dialysis and medical clinics.

My daughter-in-law suggested I schedule an appointment with you. Her exact words were, “I spoke to Dr. V about your kidney disease and he said that he could help you.” Skeptical of holistic medicine and its authenticity, I scheduled a consultation. Upon meeting you my doubts were soon laid to rest. I truly felt comfortable and believed you were genuinely concerned for my well-being. Your genuine demeanor, enthusiasm, and encouragement soon gave me hope for a future without dialysis. Within a few visits, you reduced the kidney disease, … My quality of life has greatly improved, and I no longer feel the side effects of the medications I had been taking for a decade. In fact, my renal disease has been stable for months and my kidney levels have actually improved to a non-critical,  safe and solid Stage 3. With your continued help and natural remedies, I plan to live a balanced and healthy life.

Again, I truly appreciate your honesty, compassion and medical advice. You have improved my overall health, the quality of my life and the life of those I love.


Sam Edwards

Got Elbow Pain?

Pain on the outside of the elbow is often secondary to a hormonal imbalance. There is a very commonly active acupuncture point there that hurts when the hormone’s are imbalanced. Parallel that with symptom’s of hot flashes, PMS, headaches, hip pain, low libido or just that general blah feeling. Most hormonal correction starts with stabilizing blood sugar. Happy hormone’s = Happy home!

Allergy Triggers

[Archives May 2011] If the winds and abrupt weather changes are causing you challenges like allergies or sinus congestion, try limiting dairy consumption. Dairy is the most common trigger I see with “environmental” allergies. We also stock some very effective natural antihistamines that actually treat the cause as opposed to dehydrating and suppressing the immune system like most anti-histamines. 

Conversely, If you primarily experience symptoms like sinus pressure with only barometric changes, like when our weather rapidly shifts from warm to cold and vice verse, you may want to consider helping the thyroid. Remember some of our former suggestions? B1, iodine, tyrosine, limiting wheat?