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Are Bunion’s Preventable?

Bunion’s are the long term manifestation of flat feet. The arches in the feet begin to “flatten” or more truly, pronate due to the prolonged effects of stress. When the body’s stress response system, the adrenals, begin to lose the ability to adapt to the effects of chronic stress then a muscle called the posterior tibialis begins to lose it’s ability to support the arch. Paralleling this the ligaments begin to break down do to the chronic secretion of cortisol 😦  When this goes on for years, the stress of one stepping off their big toe diagonally instead of straight forward causes the big toe to begin to point out. Eventually, bony changes take place and the feet become disfigured. Appropriately manage stress (physical, chemical, or emotional) at its earliest onset and keep your straight toes. Orthotics (shoe inserts) may be beneficial when implemented appropriately. Adrenal vitamins like B5, C, Zn, Eleuthero, etc. etc., along with balanced meals will all likely be beneficial.