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Eat Corn, Feel the Pain

Remember when we were younger and would often find worms in the corn when we were peeling it to eat or boil? Why don’t we see them any more?

Man in their infinite wisdom has genetically modified nearly all corn. “They” have modified corn to grow the pesticides directly into the corn kernel itself so worms won’t eat it. Could worms be smarter then human’s?

I find corn to cause increases in the stress hormone cortisol. Most of the people I work with have far more of this hormone circulating then they should just getting through our daily stressful lives. Corn makes it worse and causes a weakness in the muscles that support the knees, ankles and low back.  It also wreaks havoc on the digestive system which can cause spasms in the flank area muscle in the low back. I will have virtually guaranteed low back pain the morning after consuming a food which contains corn.  It is also one of the most common trigger foods for ovarian cysts.

Need Rest?

The divine design of the brain is to secrete the stimulating, “get up and go” hormone cortisol with the blue green hues of the  morning sunrise. Therefore, when the sun comes up,  so does the motivation… Ideally.

Then with the red-orange hues of sundown the brain begins to secrete melatonin so that we can sleep and recover from the days activities.  So when digestion is dysfunctional, then one may be low in melatonin. However, we now have electricity which allows us to be “functional” long after sundown, thus cheating our bodies of much needed rest and recovery.

Pearl # 1: 50% of the body’s melatonin is produced by the large intestine. Since most people I see have dysfunctional large intestine’s, the ability of many to produce melatonin is compromised.

Pearl # 2: Seratonin is converted to melatonin with the help of calcium and B12. When seratonin does not convert properly, one might be depressed, anxious and unrested 😦 Calcium and or B12 may be helpful in this situation.