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B1 (thiamine) deficiency can cause lactic acidosis, thus making one smell fruity and attractive to the pesky mosquito. Yes, I am referring to the same lactic acid that builds up with over training and thiamine is beneficial there too. I have had many patients who had previously been attacked, get passed over by mosquito’s after adding a good B1 to their diet. A few other possible symptoms of B1 deficiency are spotting or frequent menses, emotional instability, fatigue, headaches, hypoglycemia, or slow metabolism.

The Antidote For Altitude Sickness

Up here in Mammoth with my cycling club and I just realized that I may not have brought enough altitude antidotes for my 21 ride partners :-(. When hiking Mt. Whitney, the people I hiked with would begin to get headaches and I would give them a great source of antioxidants from Standard Process called Cataplex ACP. It would eliminate their headache’s virtually immediately. Then on the way down, there was a gal shaking profusely on the side of the trail, suffering from altitude sickness. I gave her 4 to chew up. It was most incredible to see her immediately stand up and return to hiking. There are other good sources of antioxidants A and C, but the ACP product is the one I have seen work the best.

Headaches Due to Perfume

[Archives April 2011] Several years ago a patient, Marian, had had headaches nearly daily for 25 years. It turned out that they were triggered by the perfume that she had been wearing for 25 years. The headaches stopped almost immediately when the perfume was eliminated. The most common areas I see effected by perfume are in blood sugar (weight gain and sugar cravings) and reduced stomach acid (frontal headaches, back pain, and/or poor digestion). Very few perfumes seem to test well, BUT, some do! Do you sneeze when you put on your perfume or cologne?