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Sorry Italian and Mexican food fans. A, B and to a lesser degree, AB blood types do not do well on tomatoes 😦 For the 44% of you that are O’s, you have a better chance of tolerating the fun red food. I know we have seen the press that lycopenes are good for the prostate, etc. But the damage out weighs the benefit in most cases. The lectins (immune trigger) in tomatoes can cause insulin dumping which can lead to hypoglycemia and then diabetes. They can cause ACh (acetylcholine) to decrease, thus memory problems and liver stress, occasionally leading to increases in cholesterol and often leading to increases in blood pressure. In this case, it is usually better to just say no… Thank you. Blessing to you and your health.

Friend or Foe?

The Connection Between Memory and Blood Pressure

Another perfect example of the fine balance of health. When the brain chemical acetylcholine is low one might have memory and recall problems. It also causes low nitric oxide and thus high blood pressure. When acetylcholine (Ach) is high, one might experience anxiety and panic attacks. Ah, the fine walk of homeostasis (balance). The good news is there are very effective natural therapies for both.