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[Archives April 2011] Have you or someone you know ever had the head spins? It is not fun and can be down right disabling. Besides being utterly disabled at times, one may even experience nausea and vomiting with it. Believe it or not, this is virtually always caused by an allergy. Perfumes are a common cause, but there are other possibilities. Allergies cause the first vertebrae to subluxate forward disrupting the brain’s balance mechanism. The challenge is finding and eliminating the allergen. 

Meniere’s Disease is a related condition, and I can you help you find the cause and find the right treatment.

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Headaches Due to Perfume

[Archives April 2011] Several years ago a patient, Marian, had had headaches nearly daily for 25 years. It turned out that they were triggered by the perfume that she had been wearing for 25 years. The headaches stopped almost immediately when the perfume was eliminated. The most common areas I see effected by perfume are in blood sugar (weight gain and sugar cravings) and reduced stomach acid (frontal headaches, back pain, and/or poor digestion). Very few perfumes seem to test well, BUT, some do! Do you sneeze when you put on your perfume or cologne?