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The amount of protein one should consume is somewhat determined by the amount of rigorous exercise. The following chart gives the amount of protein per pound of body weight one should consume:

TRAINING VOLUME (hours per week)     PROTEIN 9grams/day)

<5 hours/week                                                    0.6-0.7 G/day

5-10 hours/week                                               0.7-0.8 G/day

10-15 hours/week                                            0.8-0.9 G/day

15-20 hours/week                                            0.9-1 G/day

>20 hours/week                                               1 G/day

For example a 150 pound person who works out 6 hours per week would want to consume 150 X 0.7=105 grams of protein per day.

Some example of protein content are:

Protein shakes vary from 15 G/serving for detox oriented shakes to 24 G/ serving for straight rice protein.

Cod (3.4 oz) 22 G

Halibut (2.5 oz) 19 G

Chicken (2 oz) 18 G

Turkey breast (2 oz) 17 G

Tuna (1.9 oz) 16 G

Steak (1.75 oz) 14 G

Whole egg (1.25 oz) 7.7 G

So our 150 pound 6 hour per week athlete should eat 2 eggs, 3.8 oz tuna, a protein shake and 4 oz of turkey breast to obtain 104.5 grams of protein in a heavy training day. There would also be small amounts of protein in some of the veggies, etc. consumed during this fictitious day… Right?

This is partially adopted from Loren Cordain and Joe Friel’s The Paleo Diet For Athletes.

Purification/Weight Loss Idea’s

I use the Standard Process Purification Program occasionally. The first time I used it I found that I raced quite well, so I now eat basically this way for the two weeks before my bigger races of the year.

Some protein shake ideas are:

I add an additional 1-2 scoops of rice protein (27 grams of protein) to most of my shakes during the cleanse. Other protein sources I may add with the detox powder’s are Goat protein powder from Myenburg or Whey Pro Complete (for B or AB blood types). A’s may consider an organic/nonGMO source of soy protein.

To all of my shakes I will add a source of EFA’s. Usually it is one of the many fine omega 3 products we stock at the office with olive oil also rotated in to assist in balancing the omega 3:6:9 ratio’s. I typically add about 2 tablespoons. I will also use raw walnuts or almonds in a few of the shakes. 1/day I will 2 tbls of the “super food” chia seed to add some fiber and more EFA’s.

Further valuable addition’s to many of the shakes I blend are beet leaves and kale. It gives thee shakes a food like feel and helps to keep me satisfied longer. Most of the shakes I blend will include organic frozen “highly beneficial” berries or fruit. Most common are pineapple and/or blueberries.

During the cleanse period meal times I enjoy big, glorious salads. Usually, these will contain baby spring lettuce, beets, carrots, celery, beet leaves, mushrooms, ++++. For dressing I prefer to squeeze lemon, dab some olive oil and a pinch of Celtic sea salt. emmm. Occasionally, I will use a vinegar free dressing to “spice” thinks up a bit.

I have lost as much as 2% body fat in 2 weeks on this program and felt great all the way through, though I did have some minor hunger pangs occasionally. The Gastro Fiber really helps to minimize them though.

As you begin to reintroduce foods in weeks 3-4, pay close attention to how you feel upon the reintroduction. Bloated, fat, sluggish? I really learn a lot about which foods I need to minimize for optimal life performance during this time.