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Purification/Weight Loss Idea’s

I use the Standard Process Purification Program occasionally. The first time I used it I found that I raced quite well, so I now eat basically this way for the two weeks before my bigger races of the year.

Some protein shake ideas are:

I add an additional 1-2 scoops of rice protein (27 grams of protein) to most of my shakes during the cleanse. Other protein sources I may add with the detox powder’s are Goat protein powder from Myenburg or Whey Pro Complete (for B or AB blood types). A’s may consider an organic/nonGMO source of soy protein.

To all of my shakes I will add a source of EFA’s. Usually it is one of the many fine omega 3 products we stock at the office with olive oil also rotated in to assist in balancing the omega 3:6:9 ratio’s. I typically add about 2 tablespoons. I will also use raw walnuts or almonds in a few of the shakes. 1/day I will 2 tbls of the “super food” chia seed to add some fiber and more EFA’s.

Further valuable addition’s to many of the shakes I blend are beet leaves and kale. It gives thee shakes a food like feel and helps to keep me satisfied longer. Most of the shakes I blend will include organic frozen “highly beneficial” berries or fruit. Most common are pineapple and/or blueberries.

During the cleanse period meal times I enjoy big, glorious salads. Usually, these will contain baby spring lettuce, beets, carrots, celery, beet leaves, mushrooms, ++++. For dressing I prefer to squeeze lemon, dab some olive oil and a pinch of Celtic sea salt. emmm. Occasionally, I will use a vinegar free dressing to “spice” thinks up a bit.

I have lost as much as 2% body fat in 2 weeks on this program and felt great all the way through, though I did have some minor hunger pangs occasionally. The Gastro Fiber really helps to minimize them though.

As you begin to reintroduce foods in weeks 3-4, pay close attention to how you feel upon the reintroduction. Bloated, fat, sluggish? I really learn a lot about which foods I need to minimize for optimal life performance during this time.


21 Day Cleanse

[Archives April 2011] I began a 21 day cleanse, from Standard Process (SP) and realized that I had a big ride and travel in the middle. Turned out it worked out great for both. I felt great and rode strong, then saved a bunch of money on food during travel. And as I mentioned I lost 2.5% body fat. It was very convenient and easy to do. The first thing I noticed while doing the cleanse was how much more fresh and vibrant I felt eating more live, God made food. The other part Kim really liked was that she did not have to cook my big ‘ol dinners. I also noticed how poorly grains affected me. I could see them in the waist almost immediately. During a cleanse like this it is a chance to find out more clearly how foods affect you.  

As an added bonus, consuming primarily detox/protein shakes made travel much easier and cheaper. 

I really feel like it provided the opportunity to get even more in touch with how various foods affect me. I really came to realize that the better I feel, the better I want to feel. It is an addictive game for me.